Getting Started with 3DO Portfolio

About This Document

This document contains materials for programmers that are just getting started working with the 3DO system. The background information for the examples discussed in this volume can be found in the three 3DO Portfolio programmer's guides:

Depending on how you work best, consider reading the programmer's guide for a given topic, then looking at the examples, or look at the examples first, then consult the programmer's guide for more information.


This document is for C programmers that want to develop titles for the 3DO system.

How This Document is Organized

This document addresses four different topics that help you get started with 3DO Portfolio and is organized as follows:

Jumpstart Example Programs

The document starts with discussions of simple example programs included in the Jumpstart2 folder on the Portfolio2.5 CD-ROM.

Etiquette and MPW Information

The second part of the document contains some useful background information:


The third part of the document discusses peripherals and how to use them:

Example Programs

The fourth part of the document lists function descriptions for all example programs.